PicoSure® stands as one of the biggest breakthroughs for laser tattoo removal and comes as good news when you are having second thoughts. With PicoSure® ultra-short picosecond pulse duration, tattoos can be removed up to 75% faster than traditional Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. Ultra-short pulse duration limits the amount of heat to the surrounding skin, effectively minimising the risk of unwanted side effects while allowing more comfort and minimal downtime. Come into our Sydney salon for a free consultation today!

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With 755nm and 532nm handpieces, PicoSure® can target a wide spectrum of ink colours, including stubborn blue and green inks, as well as red and black. Furthermore, Boost adjusting feature amplifies PicoSure’s PressureWave™ technology to address tattoos that have stopped responding to other lasers.


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Picosure® is the world’s first and only aesthetic picosecond laser that is both FDA-cleared and TGA-listed for tattoo-removal with proven clinical validations, producing the fastest results with minimal downtime

  • Picosure is proud to be the fastest tattoo removal laser on the market
  • Can achieve up to 75% or greater clearance after one treatment
  • Fewer treatments than traditional lasers with minimal thermal damage to surrounding skin
  • Much more effective for blues and greens, as well as red, yellow and orange which are harder to treat effectively
  • Ultra-short picosecond pulses allowing more thorough ink particle destruction
  • Can address stubborn tattoos that have stopped fading in response to other lasers

Better results are possible with PicoSure® after 4-6 treatments compared to over 10 treatments with other laser systems. Via the application of PressureWave™ Technology, intense energy is delivered through PicoSure® handpiece into targeted areas - in trillionths of a second - to shatter ink into tiny dust-like particles while minimising impact on surrounding skin. These tiny dust-like particles are more easily eliminated by your body through time. This was a revolution away from previous heat-induced ink destruction which could not break ink as finely and posed higher risk of side effects.

PicoSure® is safe for most skin colours and is effective is removing a wide spectrum of tattoo inks, including stubborn colours like blue and green. PicoSure® is also ideal for recalcitrant tattoos that have stopped responding to other lasers. Our Sydney salon is fully equipped with state of the art laser tattoo removal facilities.

Some level of discomfort can be expected with laser tattoo-removals but each treatment ‘pass’ is usually very fast, on average taking between 25-60 seconds. A cold air machine is used before, during and immediately after treatment to help minimise discomfort. This treatment is slightly more uncomfortable than getting a tattoo but between the fast treatment time, cold air machine and fewer necessary treatments, most are happy with the end results despite some level of discomfort.

If necessary, numbing cream can be requested and applied for 30 minutes prior to treatment.

We believe that everyone of us is unique, so why wouldn’t our tattoos and our bodies be the same?

A number of factors come into play in consideration of the minimal number of sessions required to clear a tattoo, these include but not limited to the size of your tattoo, its colours, age, ink types, location on body, your overall health and lifestyles. The number of treatments will also depend on whether you want the tattoo to be removed completely or just slightly faded so that it can be covered up with another tattoo (when skin has healed completely). From our experience, a small professional tattoo that requires over 10 sessions with other lasers would generally require only 4-6 sessions with PicoSure®.

Each treatment should be separated by 6-8 weeks to allow the skin to heal and maximise clearance of shattered ink particles.

It is best to visit us for a consultation so that we can evaluate your tattoo and provide a personalised treatment plan.

PicoSure® is great at removing previously treated tattoos that have stopped responding to other lasers. This is due to the Boost feature, which intensifies photomechanical impact for more effective ink-shattering.

We do not recommend treating permanent make-up as the results are usually not as cosmetically flattering as you deserve. Some cosmetic inks have metallic bases which can become oxidised and discoloured when treated with laser.

We understand that tattoo regret can happen at any time! As tattooing is a traumatic process for the skin, it is necessary to wait at least 6 weeks before considering treatments to ensure optimal results and safer treatment outcome.

It is important to be aware that even with all the inks removed, in some cases it is possible to feel the difference in skin texture in tattoos versus non-tattooed areas. This is because tattooing is a traumatic process to skin and can result in scarring. After PicoSure® tattoo-removal – provided that skin is strictly looked after according to the aftercare instructions – scarring should not be a possibility.

With that in mind, even though we can’t guarantee that skin will return to its pristine pre-tattoo state, many who have undergone tattoo-removals with PicoSure® have reported satisfactory results as tattoos are no longer visible.

We welcome you to come and experience the results yourself!

It is recommended to wait at least two weeks after finishing the course of antibiotics as some can temporarily render skin more sensitive to sun exposure and thus skin more easily develops sunburns. Treatment also tends to be less effective as the body is occupied with handling the infection and healing.

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