Elleebana Henna Brow

Elleebana Brow Henna is now available as a natural alternative for brow enhancement. Henna brow pigments are derived from the Henna plant although more superior brow colouration is only possible with extracts from only Henna leaves and flowers.

Elleebana is the trusted name for brow Henna as their suppliers gather from only the highest quality plants which are then processed under stringent production to maintain optimal colour integrity.

With traditional brow tinting, an oxidant opens hair cuticle for colour penetration to the hair cortex. On the other hand, Henna pigments blanket over the hair as a coating to the hair shaft (top layers of cuticle only) comprised of hydrolysed proteins, Vitamin complex and antioxidants that help to restore hair growth and improve the natural condition of your brow hair. With 7 highly pigmented, luxurious colours within the professional Elleebana Brow Henna range, our specialist can adjust the Brow Henna to suit your individual skin type and tone for true brow magic.


The Elleebana Brow Henna formula is gentle and natural; if you are unsure about skin reaction then a spot test can be performed. Elleebana Brow Henna is more longer-lasting than traditional tinting as the colour coating can stay on skin for 14 days and on the hair for up to 6 weeks (although more maintenance may be necessary with oily complexion or certain skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema in which skin experiences faster turnover rates).


Visit us and experience the Elleebana Brow Henna difference that is:

. Natural with tattoo effect on skin

. Gentle and innovative formula

. Lasting up to 14 days on skin

. Staying on hair up to 6 weeks

. No ammonia, lead nor peroxide

. Vegan and cruelty-free



Are you tired of putting mascara on everyday?
Want longer thicker looking lashes?

Our eyelash extensions are made only from synthetic mink and are bonded to your natural lashes with dermatologically-tested adhesive. Once bonded, the extensions will remain on your lashes but are affected by the natural shedding process, typically every 5-6 weeks with an average 1-4 lashes being shed daily. Therefore, it is essential to book for an infill every 2-4 weeks to maintain beautiful lashes.

A full set of eyelash extensions will generally require around 2 hours of meticulous application, so it is important to arrive on time so that your lashes can get all the care they require. We advise that you should arrive with neither eye makeup nor contact lens as they can cause irritation when in contact with adhesive fumes. Please inform us of any allergies when booking your first appointment.

 Immediately after a session, it is best to avoid getting new lashes wet for at least 24 hours so that the adhesives can set better. To maximise lashes longevity, please avoid using oil-based makeups or cleansers on lashes (mascara included). If you do not desire to maintain your extensions, please book an appointment with our professionals so they can be safely removed.


Brow Lamination by BROW CODE

Straighten brow hair for an instantly full, lifted and fluffy appearance. This vegan-friendly formula straightens follicles in the desired direction for an end-result not dissimilar to microblading.

For best results, combine with brow tint as hair becomes more porous post-lamination.


Classic:  $100

Classic Infill: $70

Russian Volume: $130

Russian Volume Infill: $90

Colour Lashes (Add-on): $20

Lash-removal: $20


Lash Lift: $50

Lash Lift & Tint: $65


Eyebrow Tint: $15

Eyelash Tint: $16


HENNA Brows & Shape: $65

HENNA Brows ONLY: $50

Eyebrow Shaping: $15


Brow Lamination: $50

Brow Lamination & Tint: $65

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*Results may vary from person to person


Needless to say, your lash line will appear natural and glamorous. No more mascara or eye makeup remover will be necessary and very little aftercare required. The lashes will shed naturally along with your natural lash shedding cycle

They will feel weightless and natural during the day and evening. Your lashes will look fuller, darker, more defined, longer and thicker. You will no longer need to wear mascara

When properly applied, they will last the full cycle of your natural lash cycle. The life cycle of a natural lash is the amount of time it takes for a natural lash to grow in and fall out. A person’s natural eyelash typically falls out every 60-90 days and is naturally replaced with a new eyelash. Each lash is at a different growth stage. Due to this cycle, ‘eyelash refills’ are recommended every 2-4 weeks so as to fill in the areas where new lashes are growing in

You will lie in a relaxed position, eye patches are placed underneath each eye on top of your lower lashes to protect them as each synthetic or mink lash is adhered to your individual lashes. The process takes approx. 2 hrs (incl consultation and if mascara has to be removed-lashes must be completely clean of any mascara before procedure), it also depends on the amount of lashes applied. Typically each treatment usually involves applying approx. 50+ lashes per eye.

You will rest comfortably with your eyes closed during the entire application. Most clients drift off to sleep and wake up with beautiful lashes.

The eyelash extension is attached to your natural lash about 1-2mm from the root of your lash. The glue does not touch the skin. Unless you pull out your lash with the extension attached you will create gaps across your lash line.

It is very important to adhere to the ‘After-Care Instructions’ immediately following your eyelash extensions procedure. After the first 48 hrs you will be able to enjoy showering, swimming, exercising and any other daily activities you may engage in.

It is very important to follow these instructions thoroughly.


  • DO NOT get lashes wet in order for the glue to dry thoroughly
  • AVOID hot steam from cooking, shower or sauna
  • LEAVE THEM ALONE…be gentle with your lashes and they’ll last
  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Do not pull your lashes
  • Avoid sleeping on your side as lashes will shift
  • Do not wear mascara
  • Do not use an eyelash curler
  • Do not wash them


  • AVOID OIL BASED CLEANSERS, MOISTURISERS OR EYE MAKEUP REMOVERS. These products with oil will dissolve into the glue which bonds the eyelash extension. Instead you may use water or an oil free makeup remover around the lash line with a cotton bud.
  • DO NOT USE WATERPROOF MASCARA. The ingredients in this type of mascara will again dissolve the bonding agent and your lashes will fall off.
  • IF YOU FEEL YOU WANT TO USE MASCARA, apply only a water-based mascara only on your lash tips, not at the base of your lashes. Application on the base of your lashes may break the lash and/or create a clump of mascara in your lash line.