FREE Cosmetic Roll-CIT with 20% saving on purchase of:

–  New Seriénce Night Serum

–  Peptide-Enriched Frown Serum



• Chronic stress negatively affects many parts of our body, skin included. Prolonged exposure to stress hormone (primarily Cortisol) can compromise skin immunity, barrier function and accelerate ageing signs such as lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. Skin Serenity Set is designed to counteract the effects of prolonged stress on skin with:
a) Seriénce Night Serum: First of its kind as an advanced overnight serum booster to target the negative long-term effects of stress to reveal serene, luminous, and youthful-looking skin
b) Frown Serum: Highly concentrated with peptides to help soften the appearance of fine lines (i.e. forehead furrows, frown lines and ‘crow’s feet’).
c) Cosmetic Roll-CIT is a comfortable homecare system that can be safely used even on the more demanding, more delicate areas like around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Regular use enhances the penetration of Environ actives to continuously push the boundary of youthfulness.
• This pack includes free Cosmetic Roll-CIT plus save 20% on purchase of Seriénce Night Serum and Frown Serum


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