As a cosmetic clinic, we believe that a modern nail spa should only offer a clean and non-toxic environment for our clients and staff. Your health and safety are important, so disposable sink liners, files, buffers and pumice stones are replaced for each client. Furthermore, all implements are carefully sanitised and disinfected to hospital standards and individually sealed inside a sterile package.

We offer a wide range of nail polish colours and designs that are all safe for men, women, children as well as moms-to-be. Book an appointment with us today then sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.


Include a hand soak, nail-shaping, thorough cuticle grooming & conditioning, buffing. Finish with a relaxing arm and hand massage with lotion, hot towel wrap and nail polish.



Relax in our massage recliner while we begin with the eucalyptus foot soak, nail-shaping, thorough cuticle grooming & conditioning then buffing. Finish with a relaxing leg and foot massage with lotion, hot towel wrap and nail polish.



  • CND Shellac

Shellac is a “hybrid” of nail polish and gel.

CND Shellac can be applied like polish and worn flawlessly for 14 days with high gloss shine. If necessary, it can be removed in minutes. Shellac pains on like polish and is cured in UV light so there is zero dry time. CND Shellac not only looks natural but also provides strong natural nail protection with resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping. All colours are hypo-allergenic.

With removal, nails are individually-wrapped with Shellac Remover and the colour can be wiped away in 5-7 minutes.


  • OPI Gel Colour

We offer Iconic OPI colours in a new, polish-on 100% gel formula that wears like gel but looks and feel like nail lacquer. Each layer cures in just 30 seconds under LED light. OPI gel colour can last 2 weeks and even longer on toes.

For removal, nails are individually-wrapped with Shellac Remover and colour can be wiped away after 10-15 minutes.



Thermal therapy to sooth arthritis and fibromyalgia; also heals dry skin for smooth, silky hands and feet.


EVO GEL by Bio Sculpture 

Latest in nail health innovation and ideal for those who care about nail health and are tired of the damage from other brush-on gels. EVO gel is the world first Medical Grade formulation and Oxygenating gel technology that promotes overall nail health. All EVO gels are 100% vegan, animal cruelty free and "5 FREE" Non Toxic.
EVO gels contain unique microscopic structure specifically designed to mimic nails' natural process of moisture movement. This movement allows Oxygen and water vapour to freely flow to and from nail plate, which helps nail retain balanced level of moisture and improved level of health.



ETHOS GEL by Bio Sculpture 

Natural nail care range with a carefully curated collection of treatments that provide and utilise the power of nature to nurture, protect and strengthen the natural nail. These innovative formulations leave nails healthy, long and strong.


World's first and only Pediceutical foot care line with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Footlogix offers scientifically-formulated foot care products that allow faster and deeper penetration in troubled skin of the feet for effective, result-driven care of a variery of skin conditions with results you can see in as little as 24 hours.
Footlogix is a mousse-based product line free from synthetic oils so it penetrates the outer skin layers instantly which means no greasy, slippy reside left on the feet. Products used during treatment are also hygienic, effective at protecting damaged skin, reduce dryness of the feet and easy to apply.


Manicure:  $20

Pedicure: $34

Manicure & Pedicure: $44


Buff, shape hands (polish): $15

Buff, shape hands (gel): $20

Buff, shape feet (polish): $20

Buff, shape feet (gel): $30


Gel Manicure and Pedicure: $74

Gel Manicure: $35

Gel Pedicure: $49

SNS buff shape: $40

SNS Manicure: $50

SNS / Acrylic-removal: $20


Gel-removal: $10

With tips: $ 5

With French: $5


Paraffin Wax - Hands : $15

Paraffin Wax - Feet : $20

Paraffin Wax - Hands & Feet : $30

Paraffin Wax - Deep tissue : $50


Manicure & Pedicure (Footlogix + Ethos) : $74

Manicure & Pedicure Gel (Footlogix + Evo) : $94

Manicure (Ethos - Strengthener) : $30

Manicure Gel (Evo) : $50

Pedicure Gel (Evo) : $59

Pedicure Gel (Evo + Footlogix) : $69

Pedicure Normal (Footlogix) : $54


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